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Singing Masterclass - 16th February 2020 (£45)

This is the second masterclass in singing and will be preceded by a group singing event. This session will be in the studio in Yell.

To begin, we will do some relaxation exercises, and some gentle warm-ups before moving into some songs from around the world. We will learn some harmonising without the aid of written music, and some movements to help your singing. After this hour, five singers will perform a short song after which there will be notes and advice on producing a better sound from singing. Those who do not wish to perform may observe the session. 

All songs are unaccompanied unless you are accompanying yourself. There is an electric grand piano in the studio for you to play. The event begins at 10 and ends at 1pm. Please bring a bottle for water, wear warm, loose-fitting clothes, comfortable shoes, and bring something for lunch if you would like to eat in the studio. Please also provide a copy for the instructor of the music or lyrics that you will be performing if you are taking part in the second session. 

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