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"Please may I reserve a place in May 2017. I would like to see Shetland at a different time of year now. Thank you!" - October 2015

"The trip was totally wonderful -- definitely one of the best I've ever taken... I loved learning more about the textiles of Shetland.  It was so interesting to visit the factories and see how traditions are being continued there by closely watched machines.  It was also fabulous to see your studio and learn about your efforts to revive handweaving in the Shetlands.  The museums had beautiful examples of the best from the past -- and some information on how they were created...Loved the knitted fence!  What a wonderful surprise... we have a perverse urge to keep you and your tour a secret in case we're lucky enough to compete for a space on another tour." Carol, USA, August 2013 tour


"Just to thank you for spending time with us last week. Great hospitality - tea and chat and meeting you working away! The textiles you produce are fantastic!!! Very warm wishes." Doreen, Scotland, August 2013


"We got home yesterday after many long plane rides – and an overnight stay in Orlando.  We had such a great time and shared our pictures yesterday, at the store. This was my dream trip and it lived up to all I could have wished for.  We all were so excited to see the “innards” of the spinning mills and knitting factories.  I could never imagine how the sweaters were knitted, but now I have a greater appreciation of the Made in Shetland label.  We were all impressed by your studio and glad to see Kirsty's beautiful weaving. I have a strong feeling that if I lived there, I would be hooked into helping all of you.  We enjoyed our stay at Pat and Peter’s.  It’s a lovely place and they are such nice people.  The last day we went shopping in Lerwick and ran in to Ann of the knitted fence and then Ingrid.  We felt like old timers, knowing two speople on the street already, after such a short time.  I think that everyone we met would be old friends if we stayed any longer.
So, thank you again for making our trip memorable and my “dream trip” come true." Barbara, USA, owner of Yarnworks, August 2013


"Thanks for a wonderful time in the Shetland; it was one of the nicest vacations I have ever experienced.  I am trying to figure out how I can get back to Shetland, but I realize that being on your tour was a big part of the enjoyment of the trip.  The Valley B&B was a great place to stay.  I loved listening to the sheep every night. Pat and Peter were great hosts, the rooms were very nice and comfortable, and the breakfasts were excellent.  If I ever do get back to Shetland I would like to stay there again. Ingrid (our guide) was a real asset - lots of information and a delightful person to meet.  I thought the food was great.  The picnics were fun, and I enjoyed the variety of good healthful food you provided.  Eating outside was great, of course, but I also enjoyed the indoor picnic in the Community Hall, since it kept us out of the rain and allowed us to see the inside of one of the Halls.  All the other meals we ate were very good.  Shetland has some really nice places to eat!  I liked both of the hotel meals, the fish and chips supper, and the Museum restaurant was great. I definitely learned lots about the textiles of Shetland.  As a weaver, spinner and knitter I enjoyed seeing all the mills.  I came with the image of little old ladies sitting in crofts knitting sweaters, so was interested to see the knitting operations.  It was nice to see the level of prosperity in the Islands, something I wasn't expecting to see. I think the knitted fence was a highlight of the trip and that you should consider including it on your other tours.  That seems to be the photo people in Florida want to see the most.  I liked everything about the tour, including the variety of weather you provided for us.  I'm sorry we missed the puffins, but that only makes a reason for another visit.  This was one of the most informative and enjoyable tours I have ever taken.  I hope you have a great fall and tour and a successful Wool Week." Ann, USA, August 2013