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Remembering the past

Weaving in Shetland continues but the real heyday of the industry was between the Wars and into the middle of the 20th Century. Having the contribution that weaving has made to the textiles identity of the islands recognised was an important part of this project. Luckily some of the weavers who actually worked in the trade, and some of their family members and co-workers were still around and were happy to speak about their time in the mills and factories. It seems to have been a largely happy time; a time of comradeship and unity in amongst the turmoil of war, hardship at home and lack of opportunity to earn a living. How the times have changed!

Brian's interview 

Two of the interviews have been transcribed by Shawn Prenslow. Huge thanks for doing that, Shawn. You can download the files to read  in Word format below. 

Brian's interview

Jackie's interview