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Journalling session two

I hope you are all getting on well with your journaling practice, feel free to interact in the Facebook group as much as you like. For information on how to join the group email kate@globalyell.org


For the second session in the course, I have a made a small video to give you ideas of how to start a daily doodle or zentangle practice.  Doodling can be very therapeutic.  There is no pressure to make it look good, for it to be perfect or for anyone to even see it.  


For the next two weeks why don't you spend 1-2 mins a day doing a small doodle.  I like to choose a theme like buildings, birds or flowers but you can just doodle randomly if you prefer.  Sit and take a few deep breaths and then doodle freely for a short while.  Share your progress with others if you like.