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Drawing instructions - third session

For the third drawing session we will have the added challenge of using colour.  The image is slightly simplier so I have recommended a simple grid to help you keep everything in order but the main focus today is colour.  Use a limited colour pallet of chalks or pastles or even colouring pencils.  Don't use true to life colours.  I have opted for a warm range and a cool range. 

Here is a brief video describing the technique and the materials required.  If you don't have easy access to the materials then don't worry, it is only a suggestion. 

If you are attending the zoom session on Friday 3rd September at 7pm then it would be helpful to have a printed version of the image in colour.  You could also take the time to draw your grid over the image and on your page.  You should be able to see the picture by clicking on it, and to download the image direct from this page by right-clicking on it and saving it to your device.