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Tours in Shetland 2019Read MoreJuly 21, 2018

Next year the textile tours are running again in Shetland.

Next year's toursRead MoreJuly 7, 2018


Next year we are running tours again across the islands, focusing on the textiles of Shetland. But we are adding an extra day...

Tours in ShetlandRead MoreJune 2, 2018


Next year's tour dates have been set already. It seems like people really, really want to visit us.

Tours in 2018Read MoreDecember 16, 2017

Next year's tours are filling up well and we have an additional two...

On tour in OctoberRead MoreOctober 21, 2017


Although the ordinary tours of the isles are finished for the summer there have been two booked for October...

The last tour of the summerRead MoreSeptember 9, 2017


We have just finished the last tour of the summer. The last of the scheduled ones anyway.

Touring, coffee and cakeRead MoreSeptember 2, 2017


Although the air up here in the North is fast chilling and the days are shortening quickly, there is still plenty to do, including touring the isles.

Textile tours of Shetland 2018Read MoreJune 10, 2017


We are pleased to announce our dates for next year's textile tours of the isles.

Touring ShetlandRead MoreJune 3, 2017


The summer season has started and, with it, the textile tours we run.

Touring ShetlandRead MoreDecember 10, 2016


This coming year the interest in Shetland textiles seems set to continue, if the number of visitors booking on tours is any indication...