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The sound of iceRead MoreMarch 18, 2023

The sounds ice makes as it melts, moves and freezes are bringing new attention to a warming world.

The new studio in Mawhera GreymouthRead MoreMarch 18, 2023


This week the new textile studio in the centre of town has been taking shape.

SLEWRead MoreMarch 18, 2023

Helen Robertson from Shetland is about to perform a marathon of knitting online.

A dress from the oceanRead MoreMarch 17, 2023

A few years ago a silk dress was discovered that had been underwater for more than 400 years.

Alice KettleRead MoreMarch 11, 2023

Alice Kettle, the British textile artist, has been presented the 2023 Brookfield Properties Craft Award.

AucklandRead MoreMarch 11, 2023

A few days in Auckland has been eye-opening and rather wonderful.

Vita CochranRead MoreMarch 10, 2023


Vita Cochran uses rag rugging to recreate famous carpets.

Lucky DipRead MoreMarch 9, 2023


Lucky Dip is a clothing company that specialises in remaking interesting and unusual textiles into shirts and waistcoats.

Woollen progressRead MoreMarch 4, 2023


Trying to get weaving wool in New Zealand has proved to be a little bit of a challenge.

The DNA of tapa clothRead MoreMarch 4, 2023

Tapa is a textile that is made across the globe by soaking and pounding plant material to create what is also known as 'barkcloth'.