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The ArcticRead MoreDecember 5, 2020


A new exhibition has reopened at the British Museum in London: Arctic: Culture and Climate .

A tapestry thread caddyRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


New Zealand's Banks Peninsula is home to the Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum.

KolamRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


Kolam is the Asian art and craft of making patterns out of ground rice to greet the start of each day.

Penelope's LabourRead MoreJuly 25, 2020


The Fondazione Giorgio Cini held an exhibition in 2011 of tapestries, ancient and modern.

Article of the Week - number nineteenRead MoreJune 20, 2020


Each week a piece from the collection is selected to show on the blog. This week it is Boboli, a tapestry by Archie Brennan.

Article of the week - Number FourRead MoreFebruary 29, 2020


Each week the blog presents a different article from the collection in the studio. This week, a woven whirlpool...

Ready to tell allRead MoreSeptember 7, 2019


Across the water, in Stockholm, the photographer Miriam Backstrom has created an amazing tapestry.

A tapestry of OxfordshireRead MoreAugust 24, 2019

If you like tapestries and/ or maps head on over to The Bodeleian Libraries where one is being displayed.

Late summer in ShetlandRead MoreAugust 3, 2019

It is a little while since we shared some pics of the islands. This year the summer colours are absolutely brilliant, in all senses of the word.

Conserving the Emperor's CarpetRead MoreJune 22, 2019

The Metropolitan Museum in New York conserved and displayed a unique carpet. The job took years...