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PatternaliaRead MoreJuly 29, 2017

We have a new book in the library. Patternalia is a small tome but full of enough interesting and quirky factoids to brighten any conversation over dinner.

New books for the libraryRead MoreJuly 23, 2016

We have three new books for the library.

Influences of natureRead MoreJuly 20, 2016

Nature often provides inspiration for designers and artists. A series on iPlayer explains some of the wonder of the patterns and shapes we see around us.

More patternsRead MoreFebruary 27, 2016

While we are on the subject of patterns, have you seen this work by an Iranian photographer, m1rasoulifard?

New book for the libraryRead MoreFebruary 27, 2016


We have acquired a new book for the library at the studio.

Making a repeatRead MoreDecember 5, 2015

This week, we have been working on new tweeds and on things like business plans. So, for light relief, relearning how to make a repeat pattern has saved the day!

Braiding soundsRead MoreJuly 15, 2013

Physics to the rescue! Here are some ideas for combining music and patterns using little more than graph paper, pens and a voice.