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The sound of islands which never existedRead MoreJune 30, 2018

An Atlas Obscura article this week highlighted the work of Andrew Pekler who recreates the sounds of islands that probably never existed.

The joy of storytellingRead MoreJune 16, 2018

Storytelling is part of tradition here in the isles. We are continuing that tradition in the tour bus.

A quick thank youRead MoreMay 26, 2018

Thank you everyone who asked to remain on the blog!

Tiger sharks and languageRead MoreMay 12, 2018

Over in Australia, on the romantically named Gulf of Carpentaria in the North, the Yanyuwa people have an extraordinary relationship with tiger sharks.

Arts on prescriptionRead MoreMay 12, 2018

Dr Daisy Fancourt in a video on the BBC news website is calling for the arts to be available on prescription.

Asafo flagsRead MoreApril 28, 2018

Here is an interesting piece about Asafo flags from what is now Ghana.

Resonant BodiesRead MoreApril 14, 2018

The Resonant Bodies Festival takes place in New York every year. Over three nights nine contemporary vocalists present their work and discipline.

Music inspired by weavingRead MoreApril 14, 2018

This week, on Thursday 19th April, a new work premieres by Helen Grime; Woven Space.

Mark Lomax and Mark LomaxRead MoreApril 7, 2018


There is an intriguing exhibition on at the moment in Ullapool: Mark Lomax and Mark Lomax.

Shetland Women's InstitutesRead MoreOctober 14, 2017


Today was the opening of an exhibition for, by and about the Shetland branches of the Scottish Women's Institute.