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World Of Wearable ArtRead MoreJune 5, 2022

The World of Wearable Art is open again.

Samar HejaziRead MoreJune 4, 2022


Toronto-based visual artist, Samar Hejazi, tells stories and explores her Palestinian roots through intricate textile works.

The Peat Project in ShetlandRead MoreApril 30, 2022


Peat is an important resource and a sequester of carbon.

Natural dyesRead MoreMarch 26, 2022


As part of The Peat Project, the current Shetland project, natural dyes have been used creatively.

Connecting ThoughtsRead MoreMarch 12, 2022

In these days of yet more uncertainty and anxiety, here is something to make you smile.

UFO - the telly seriesRead MoreOctober 23, 2021


The television series UFO features very stylish clothes.

Maori and Shetland - a pattern connectionRead MoreSeptember 25, 2021


An unexpected link between Shetland and New Zealand was revealed by visitors to the studio.

Discovering Textiles - Fred J MaroonRead MoreSeptember 4, 2021

Fred J Maroon was a travel photographer with an international reputation.

Article of the week - number eighty-three - a cross-cultural shirtRead MoreSeptember 4, 2021


This week's article of the week is a shirt that mixes cultures stylishly.

BiosmockingRead MoreAugust 21, 2021

The properties of spider silk have been used to create a new technique - biosmocking.