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KolamRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


Kolam is the Asian art and craft of making patterns out of ground rice to greet the start of each day.

The embroidered bed sheetRead MoreAugust 22, 2020


The Imperial War Museum might seem an unlikely place for a textile, but...

Making a robe in the Qing DynastyRead MoreAugust 15, 2020


During China's Qing Dynasty, imperial robes required attention to detail and a lot of work.

Embroidering Hong Kong's neon signsRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

The neon signs in Hong Kong are disappearing but for one art student they are proving to be inspirational.

Article of the Week - number eighteenRead MoreJune 13, 2020


Each week a piece from the studio collection is selected for inclusion on the blog. This week we stay in Africa and my birth town of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

Article of the week - Number EightRead MoreMarch 28, 2020


Each week an article from the textile collection is featured. This time it is The Fisherman by Ann Sutton.

Miao embroideryRead MoreMarch 20, 2020

Miao women use embroidery to tell their stories.

Article of the week - Number FourRead MoreFebruary 29, 2020


Each week the blog presents a different article from the collection in the studio. This week, a woven whirlpool...

Late summer in ShetlandRead MoreAugust 3, 2019

It is a little while since we shared some pics of the islands. This year the summer colours are absolutely brilliant, in all senses of the word.

More about embroideryRead MoreJuly 12, 2019


This week seems to be focused on embroidery, thanks in part to visitors to the studio.