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Elephants in blanketsRead MoreDecember 23, 2017


Here is a Christmas feel-good story about baby elephants.

Information on tweed blanketsRead MoreOctober 21, 2017


This week we have are looking for some information on two tweed blankets.

Culture and appropriationRead MoreSeptember 30, 2017

A recent article on the BBC news has raised some interesting questions about culture and who has the rights to use it.

Studio goings-onRead MoreMay 21, 2016


This week in the studio we have been weaving something new...

Welsh blanketsRead MoreMarch 19, 2016


There are three new additions to the collection; blankets from Wales.

What we are weavingRead MoreJanuary 30, 2016


A few years ago our weaver in residence was Fiona Daly and we are currently weaving the blankets that Fiona created for us.