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Burra Ness and a brochRead MoreMay 19, 2018


This week we have had wonderfully sunny weather, just right for a walk along to Burra Ness.

The Breckon bed runners Read MoreJanuary 27, 2018


The current project, Fibonacci bed runners, is well-underway.

ShantyMen in PortsoyRead MoreJune 22, 2017

This weekend the ShantyYellMen, our sea shanty group, is off to Portsoy Boat Festival.

FestiYellRead MoreSeptember 3, 2016

Next weekend is a very special one for us in Yell. It is the inaugural weekend of a new festival celebrating the creativity of the island - FestiYell.

Studio update April 2016Read MoreApril 2, 2016


It is now officially British Summertime and visitors have started to come into the studios and Gallery.

Mapping JamaicaRead MoreOctober 17, 2015


Yell, where the weave studio is based, is one of the North Isles of Shetland. Far from being a remote and isolated part of the world, Yell has been an important part of the maritime history of the world for centuries.

A new member of staffRead MoreApril 25, 2015


We would like to welcome a new member of our team at GlobalYell.

A melancholy beautyRead MoreAugust 21, 2013


On a breezy (read "windy", dear readers not in Shetland) afternoon, a group of shanty singers set out from our home island of Yell on a trip to the furthest North part of Shetland's Mainland.

Crafts Open DaysRead MoreAugust 7, 2013

The North Isles of Shetland are creative places to live and work.

Silver DarlingsRead MoreJune 1, 2013


Some of you may have heard the local group, ShantyYell Men, sing.