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Wool Week 2018 patronRead MoreMarch 17, 2018

Elizabeth Johnston is the patron of Wool Week 2018. Congratulations Elizabeth!

An industry talk for Wool WeekRead MoreSeptember 29, 2017

Well, we have reached the end of Wool Week for 2017 and what a Wool Week it has been!

A Wool Week updateRead MoreSeptember 23, 2017

This week has been busy with visitors and Wool Week of course!

Shetland Wool Week 2017Read MoreSeptember 16, 2017

It is finally here! Next week Wool Week starts in Shetland.

Wool Week 2017 updateRead MoreMay 20, 2017

Wool Week, the event which has been growing and getting better each year, has just opened for booking.

Wool Week 2017Read MoreApril 8, 2017

Wool Week, as everyone knows, is a fab time to be in Shetland. Events, workshops and lots of woolly inspired fun...

This summer's workshopsRead MoreFebruary 25, 2017


This year we are running some workshops over the summer and Kirsty is doing more for Wool Week. Here are the dates for the summer workshops. 29 June to 2nd July - a series of workshops which link up together to take oyu through the whole process of design to completed weave. Day one is an inspirati...

Shetland Wool Week 2017Read MoreDecember 10, 2016

Shetland Wool Week continues to grow...

Another Wool Week doneRead MoreOctober 1, 2016

Well, Wool Week has been and gone. And what a success!

Wool Week 2016Read MoreAugust 27, 2016

It's Wool Week month! The annual celebration of all things woolly and this year it will be bigger than ever.