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Recycling rubbishRead MoreAugust 13, 2016


A kind reader sent in some photographs of a project that uses rubbish to create fashion!

Masters of the Pacific CoastRead MoreAugust 6, 2016

There is an absolutely fascinating and fantastic programme on the BBC at the moment - Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American Northwest.

Late summer colourRead MoreAugust 6, 2016


As we mentioned last week, this is now late in the summer and the colours are turning. Here are some pictures of a walk across the hills this week.

The week pastRead MoreJuly 16, 2016

It has been a week and then some!

The world of colour and visionRead MoreJuly 9, 2016

A new exhibition is opening next week, the 15th July, at the Natural History Museum in London.

Sammy the puffinRead MoreJuly 9, 2016


A few years ago I wrote a book for my nieces, Sarah and Hannah. Now the book has been published.

The fishing net of mysteryRead MoreJuly 1, 2016

Last year we acquired a beautiful net at auction. The problem is we don't know anything about it...

SummerRead MoreJune 18, 2016


One never knows what a new day will bring. Here are some pictures from the week's outdoor adventures in the flowers of summer...

Rainbow in the cloudsRead MoreJune 18, 2016

In a week that has been more troubled than most, here is a wonderful message from Maya Angelou.

Why I live in ShetlandRead MoreJune 11, 2016


Over the years, 15 to be exact, that I have lived in Shetland, people have often asked why I live here. I guess to almost all people it appears remote and isolated, rural and somewhat of a backwater. Here are some very good reasons to live on the island of Yell.