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London lifeRead MoreMarch 28, 2020

The capital is, like most of the world, quiet, but there are still surprises to be had in the city.

Article of the week - Number FourRead MoreFebruary 29, 2020


Each week the blog presents a different article from the collection in the studio. This week, a woven whirlpool...

ArpillerasRead MoreFebruary 29, 2020

Textiles have been oftentimes used as a form of protest. These poignant arpilleras from Chile are a powerful reminder of why such craft is important.

A trip to LondonRead MoreOctober 26, 2019


A short week in London is always good for inspiration and ideas...

Textile Museum, NetherlandsRead MoreOctober 5, 2019

I only just learned about this amazing place in The Netherlands - a former factory turned over to museum/ workspace.

Remembering St Magnus Read MoreSeptember 28, 2019


We have been involved in a fascinating project, all to do with medieval Christianity...

African Textiles TodayRead MoreSeptember 7, 2019


A new book has been added to the studio library: African Textile Today from The British Museum Press.

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!Read MoreSeptember 7, 2019

This exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in New York has just finished but you can still enjoy the pieces.

Late summer in ShetlandRead MoreAugust 3, 2019

It is a little while since we shared some pics of the islands. This year the summer colours are absolutely brilliant, in all senses of the word.

Finding family - the story of a Yorùbá CostumeRead MoreAugust 3, 2019

Textiles are important and just about every important museum in the world has some in their collections. Here is an interesting exhibition currently on in the Brooklyn Museum.