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Stephen Friedman GalleryRead MoreJune 27, 2020


The easing of restrictions has permitted a visit to the Stephen Friedman Gallery...

Necropolis railwayRead MoreJune 20, 2020


By the middle of the 20th Century, London's cemeteries were full. Something Had To Be Done!

Cross BonesRead MoreMay 9, 2020

If you are like us at the moment, you will be discovering and rediscovering all sorts of amazing things where you live.

Of stag beetles and giraffesRead MoreApril 24, 2020

Walking around London presents some interesting and unusual sights.

London lifeRead MoreMarch 28, 2020

The capital is, like most of the world, quiet, but there are still surprises to be had in the city.

Sloppy JoRead MoreMarch 7, 2020

Shetland may be responsible for another of the world's fashion items: the Sloppy Joe.

Article of the week - Number FourRead MoreFebruary 29, 2020


Each week the blog presents a different article from the collection in the studio. This week, a woven whirlpool...

A confluence of coincidenceRead MoreFebruary 22, 2020

Early in the New Year, the Fates conspired in a rather wonderful way!

English Costume of the 17th CenturyRead MoreNovember 2, 2019


The delights of opening an old volume to discover the treasures within cannot be quantified, can they?

Late summer in ShetlandRead MoreAugust 3, 2019

It is a little while since we shared some pics of the islands. This year the summer colours are absolutely brilliant, in all senses of the word.