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Kirsty weavesRead MoreJune 27, 2015


Kirsty, who has been here nearly two months now if you can believe that, has been working on some lovely ideas for us.

A new member of staffRead MoreApril 25, 2015


We would like to welcome a new member of our team at GlobalYell.

Kirsty Jean BrabinRead MoreSeptember 6, 2014


If you visited our studio last summer you would have met Kirsty, our weaver in residence. The young weaver has just had her graduation show at Chelsea School of Art and we went to the first night.

Kirsty Jean LeadbetterRead MoreFebruary 1, 2014

Kirsty Jean, our weaver in residence in 2013, is coming back to Shetland twice this year, to run a community workshop and to weave.

Weaver in ResidenceRead MoreMay 27, 2013


Kirsty Leadbetter is our Weaver in Residence this summer and has arrived to sparkling weather.