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A visit to Making Nuno at Japan HouseRead MoreJune 19, 2021


This week we visited Making Nuno at Japan House.

Creating a multicultural operaRead MoreMay 29, 2021

Opera has always been a meeting place for different cultural traditions, absorbing traditions and re-spelling them as high art.

Shetland Tweed research - the 20th Century continuesRead MoreApril 3, 2021


This week the story of Shetland Tweed in the 20th Century continues.

Shetland Tweed research - The 20th CenturyRead MoreMarch 27, 2021

This week the story of Shetland Tweed continues into the 20th Century.

Discovering Textiles - Canadian Inuit tapestryRead MoreMarch 27, 2021


The Inuit People of Baffin Island, Canada started to produce tapestries in 1970, a serendipitous melding of hand skills and the traditional art of storytelling.

Japan's Memory HuntersRead MoreMarch 13, 2021

Ten years ago the east coast of Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake.

The lost textile of RyukyuRead MoreMarch 6, 2021


The Ryukyu Kingdom flourished from the 15th to the 19th Century in what is now Okinawa.

The Shetland Tweed Company's new shopRead MoreJanuary 23, 2021


The Shetland Tweed Company has a new online shop!

The ArcticRead MoreDecember 5, 2020


A new exhibition has reopened at the British Museum in London: Arctic: Culture and Climate .

Sudo ReikoRead MoreNovember 14, 2020

The innovative work of textile designer, Sudo Reiko, will be on show in 2021.