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To Young WeaversRead MoreFebruary 10, 2018

In 1927 a small book was published which deserves much wider reading by anyone interested in weaving, textiles and art.

James Teit and the TahltanRead MoreJune 10, 2017

In 1884, at the age of nineteen, James Teit emigrated from his native Shetland to British Columbia where he worked as a guide, linguist and activist.

Moving OnRead MoreJune 11, 2016

A friend of the blog sent this link in. Make sure you got some tissues handy!

Mapping JamaicaRead MoreOctober 17, 2015


Yell, where the weave studio is based, is one of the North Isles of Shetland. Far from being a remote and isolated part of the world, Yell has been an important part of the maritime history of the world for centuries.

Embroidery for social commentRead MoreFebruary 5, 2014

Meet James Fox, a textile artist who uses machine embroidery and reverse applique to make comment on social issues.