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Bacteria-dyed clothRead MoreOctober 6, 2018

In the latest email from the UK Crafts Council is a fascinating story about bacteria being used to dye cloth.

Thoughtful readingRead MoreAugust 25, 2018

Read this article for an insight into the importance of textiles.

Grayson at the Crafts CouncilRead MoreMarch 18, 2017

The UK Crafts Council has just purchased a pair of tapestries by Grayson Perry.

Crafts Council surveyRead MoreJuly 23, 2016

The Crafts Council is asking makers and anyone interested in crafts to complete a survey post-EU referendum.

Cutting glass, creating crownsRead MoreMay 4, 2015

Also in the latest email from the Crafts Council is the link to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Crafts Council's joint show What is Luxury?

The rise and rise of craftsRead MoreMay 4, 2015

A link on the most recent Crafts Council e-newsletter points the way to the Guardian newspaper where an interesting article tells about the rise of crafts. Did you know that there are over 11 and a half thousand crafts businesses in the UK employing 43000 people?

Ann Sutton at CollectRead MoreApril 25, 2015

Collect, the Craft Council's annual show, opens in a couple of weeks and there is a special celebration of Ann Sutton's work.

Crafts Council October briefRead MoreOctober 31, 2013

The October Policy Brief from the Crafts Council is now online.

Sound MattersRead MoreMay 28, 2013

The Sound Matters exhibition is opening in Iona in June.