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Weaving hatsRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Also on the BBC is an enchanting short film about the weaving of hats from pandanus on one of the Pacific islands: Rurutu.

CivilisationsRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Over on BBC, the series Civilisations is on iPlayer. We are thoroughly enjoying watching it.

Regency patchworkRead MoreJanuary 27, 2018


The Victoria and Albert Museum collection includes some extraordinary textiles. Now there is a chance to learn more about one of them.

Zoo Quest in colourRead MoreMay 21, 2016

If you love natural history in all its shapes and forms then David Attenborough will surely be familiar to you. In this, his 90th year, a very special film has just been shown on telly in the UK and it is absolutely brilliant.

The Renaissance UnchainedRead MoreFebruary 20, 2016


A new art series has just begun on the BBC and it is absolutely fascinating.

ColourRead MoreNovember 13, 2015

Have you been watching the BBC series about colour? Available on iPlayer to anyone in the UK, the programmes are fascinating and, if you will excuse the awful pun, illuminating...

Under Milk WoodRead MoreOctober 29, 2014


Dylan Thomas' "play for voices" has just been on the telly in a unique presentation which spans the Northern Hemisphere.

BBC revampRead MoreOctober 13, 2013

For those of us who live in parts of the UK with not very good access to all the Freeview channels, the BBC and other streaming networks are very important.

English Choral MusicRead MoreJuly 22, 2013

The art and craft of English Choral music is showcased in this series by David Starkey, Music and Monarchy.

Theremin anyone?Read MoreJuly 21, 2013

Everyone must have heard a theremin at some point, even if you did not know what it was.