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Maori and Shetland - a pattern connectionRead MoreSeptember 25, 2021


An unexpected link between Shetland and New Zealand was revealed by visitors to the studio.

Article of the week - number eighty-three - a cross-cultural shirtRead MoreSeptember 4, 2021


This week's article of the week is a shirt that mixes cultures stylishly.

Discovering Textiles - Barron and LarcherRead MoreAugust 21, 2021


In the 1920s and '30s two designer-makers were at the forefront of a revival in hand-block printing in Britain.

A visit to Making Nuno at Japan HouseRead MoreJune 19, 2021


This week we visited Making Nuno at Japan House.

Nick Cave's SoundsuitsRead MoreApril 10, 2021

Artist Nick Cave uses everyday objects to question identity, race and gender.

Article of the Week - number fifty-five - a costume design Read MoreApril 10, 2021


Each week an article from the collection is chosen to highlight in the blog. This week it is a costume design for Sadler's Wells.

Shetland Tweed research - the 20th Century continuesRead MoreApril 3, 2021


This week the story of Shetland Tweed in the 20th Century continues.

Shetland Tweed research - The 20th CenturyRead MoreMarch 27, 2021

This week the story of Shetland Tweed continues into the 20th Century.

Discovering Textiles - Canadian Inuit tapestryRead MoreMarch 27, 2021


The Inuit People of Baffin Island, Canada started to produce tapestries in 1970, a serendipitous melding of hand skills and the traditional art of storytelling.

Socially responsible textilesRead MoreFebruary 27, 2021


The fashion and garment industries around the world are becoming more responsible for their production.