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LambingRead MoreApril 20, 2019

It is lambing season and there are lots of fuzzy little ones gambolling across the hills.

Shetland tweed in the Archive StoreRead MoreApril 20, 2019


On Friday this week I visited the Shetland Museum and Archives Store, a fascinating and eclectic collection of all things Shetland.

The Coast Salish wool dogRead MoreApril 20, 2019

While it may be somewhat odd for some of us to think of using dog hair as a weaving material - after all, dogs are our friends not a farmed species - for some it is highly prized.

Shetland tweed bookRead MoreApril 20, 2019


The second printing of the Shetland Tweed book has arrived.

'Berlin chic': the Jewish fashion industryRead MoreApril 20, 2019


For more than a century Berlin was a centre for ready-made fashion, mainly led by Jewish innovation. Everything changed between the Wars.

A fantastical carpetRead MoreApril 13, 2019


Here is another lovely idea; a carpet created to commemorate a 19th Century Finnish writer.

Van Gogh animatedRead MoreApril 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to immerse yourself in a painting? Well...

The Woollen SurfboardRead MoreApril 13, 2019

Yes, you read that right! Surfboards made out of wool...

Floor clothsRead MoreApril 13, 2019

A recent article about Merrill Comeau, an American artist who uses textiles to explore memory, redemption and women's experiences, led to some interesting thoughts.