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Flight!Read MoreNovember 6, 2021

Each week one of the written pieces from a project that started in lockdown will appear on the blog.

The Shetland Tweed Company throwsRead MoreNovember 6, 2021


The newest cloth from our studio in Shetland is off the loom and the first production of throws is dine.

Tivaivai - the social fabric of the Cook IslandsRead MoreNovember 6, 2021


The coming of Christianity to the Pacific brought new materials and techniques to islanders.

Silk and musicRead MoreNovember 6, 2021


Silk was once used in opera houses and theatres for programmes and advertising.

Rueben T Caluza - The B SideRead MoreNovember 6, 2021

In the 1930s, South African composer and choirmaster, Reuben T Caluza, recorded a song about the deadly 1918 Influenza pandemic.

Choral works at a time of pandemicRead MoreOctober 30, 2021

This week we were lucky enough to get to the Royal Festival Hall to hear choral music for the first time since March last year.

Flight!Read MoreOctober 29, 2021

During lockdown a new project about migration and birds started.

Fabulous fashion from the '60sRead MoreOctober 29, 2021


Here is a trip down Memory Lane for those of you who remember the 1960s!

The impact of colonialism on the material cultures of the African diasporaRead MoreOctober 29, 2021

The effect of colonialism on the world was huge, and its effects are still very much being felt.

Lazarus’ by Ibrahim MahamaRead MoreOctober 29, 2021


An abandoned building in Tamale, Ghana, was the inspiration for work by Ibrahim Mahama. By 1966 a Brutalist silo, built to store food in the post-independent country, was derelict and had become home to wildlife, including bats. When the artist started to explore the structures, fascinated by the w...