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The not-so-humble birchRead MoreMay 24, 2019

This week a friend gave us an amazing find.

Working with the woolRead MoreMay 24, 2019

A new book for the library, Working with the wool, has arrived.

CollafirthRead MoreMay 18, 2019


The little settlement of Collafirth lies in a secluded valley, closed at one end by hills and open to the sea at the other. And it hides a rather lovely secret.

Weavers of the CloudsRead MoreMay 18, 2019

London's Fashion and Textile Museum is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the textiles of Peru.

Eider ducksRead MoreMay 18, 2019


We are lucky in Shetland to play host to that charismatic bird: the eider.

It's the little thingsRead MoreMay 18, 2019


The touring season in the isles has begun and we have visitors from Germany, the USA and Australia for our first summer trip.

Anyone have an AVL loom for sale?Read MoreMay 13, 2019

A friend is looking for an AVL loom for her daughter who is studying weave.

Plastic pollutionRead MoreMay 11, 2019


In the studio we have a piece of art which always attracts comment. It is based on the flotsam that collects on the shores in Shetland.

The Met Gala does Camp!Read MoreMay 11, 2019

This year's Met Gala was on the theme of "Camp". And some really stepped up to the mark!

Ancestor BagsRead MoreMay 11, 2019


The summer always brings us interesting visitors, such as Sue Hiley Harris.