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Cubism and FashionRead MoreJuly 4, 2020


Did you know that the art movement, Cubism, has had a big influence on fashion too?

What's on the loom?Read MoreJune 27, 2020


Here is another version of the cloth that Alexa is weaving in the studio.

Christchurch and Upton ChapelRead MoreJune 27, 2020


The middle of the 20th Century was a time of exciting developments in design and that included the use of concrete!

Article of the Week - number twentyRead MoreJune 27, 2020


Each week an object from the studio collection is featured on the blog. This week it is a knitting pattern for a helmet.

Archie Brennan at The DovecotRead MoreJune 27, 2020

This week I received an email from Kate Grenyer at The Dovecot.

Stephen Friedman GalleryRead MoreJune 27, 2020


The easing of restrictions has permitted a visit to the Stephen Friedman Gallery...

Article of the Week - number nineteenRead MoreJune 20, 2020


Each week a piece from the collection is selected to show on the blog. This week it is Boboli, a tapestry by Archie Brennan.

Artesanal TecnologicaRead MoreJune 20, 2020

A project sent in from a reader in South Africa is intriguing. It introduces artisan textile makers and digital technologies...

What is on the loom?Read MoreJune 20, 2020


Alexa has been weaving cloth for The Shetland Tweed Company. Here are some pictures of the most recent fabric.

Peju AlatiseRead MoreJune 20, 2020

Peju Alatise is an architect and artist who uses cloth to make comment on gender and rights.