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Shetland Tweed research - The Shetland sheepRead MoreApril 10, 2021

The story of Shetland Tweed continues in extract from the recently completed Masters Degree at Glasgow School of Art.

Article of the Week - number fifty-four - a woven cushion coverRead MoreApril 3, 2021


Each week an article from the collection is highlighted in the blog. This time it is a small woven cushion cover with a goat motif.

Elena BerrioloRead MoreApril 3, 2021

Elena Berriolo is a New York artist who performs while sewing and making books.

Discovering Textiles - Wagga RugsRead MoreApril 3, 2021

The Australian National Quilt Register provides digital resources for the quilters from the country. Amongst them is information about Wagga Rugs; antique and vintage patchwork quilts made from sacks.

UNESCO intangible heritageRead MoreApril 3, 2021

UNESCO protects the world's cultural heritage through its Intangible Heritage Listings.

Shetland Tweed research - the 20th Century continuesRead MoreApril 3, 2021


This week the story of Shetland Tweed in the 20th Century continues.

Shetland Tweed research - The 20th CenturyRead MoreMarch 27, 2021

This week the story of Shetland Tweed continues into the 20th Century.

Article of the Week - number fifty-three - Timorous Beasties curtainsRead MoreMarch 27, 2021


Each week one article is selected from the collection to show in the blog. This time it is a pair of curtains from Timorous Beasties.

Discovering Textiles - Canadian Inuit tapestryRead MoreMarch 27, 2021


The Inuit People of Baffin Island, Canada started to produce tapestries in 1970, a serendipitous melding of hand skills and the traditional art of storytelling.

Ravelry and politics Read MoreMarch 27, 2021

Ravelry is an online platform where crafters get together to find inspiration and patterns for knitting and crochet, and to chat.