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Discovering Textiles - the Skeklers of ShetlandRead MoreApril 24, 2021

In days gone by, Shetland was home to a tradition of masking and costuming.

Article of the Week - number fifty-seven - a handy workman's tool clothRead MoreApril 24, 2021


Each week something is chosen from the collection to highlight in the blog. This time it is a cloth for ensuring efficiency.

Shetland tweed research - putting the research into contextRead MoreApril 24, 2021

Now that the history of Shetland's Tweed industry has been explored, attention shifts...

What is happening at GlobalYell?Read MoreApril 17, 2021


It is nearly the summer season and time to migrate.

Article of the Week - number fifty-six - a man's kimonoRead MoreApril 17, 2021


Each week one item from the collection is selected to highlight on the blog. This time it is a man's kimono with a secret...

Discovering Textiles - Herero dresses Read MoreApril 17, 2021


The colonial history of Namibia has been reclaimed by Herero women and men, and is evolving fast.

Shetland Tweed research - The 21st CenturyRead MoreApril 17, 2021

The story of Shetland Tweed continues in extracts from the recently completed Masters Degree at Glasgow School of Art.

Nick Cave's SoundsuitsRead MoreApril 10, 2021

Artist Nick Cave uses everyday objects to question identity, race and gender.

Article of the Week - number fifty-five - a costume design Read MoreApril 10, 2021


Each week an article from the collection is chosen to highlight in the blog. This week it is a costume design for Sadler's Wells.

Discovering Textiles - Sulawesi Banana clothRead MoreApril 10, 2021

The island of Sulawesi boasts a tradition of cloth made from banana fibres.