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I am AshurbanipalRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

The British Museum is showing "I am Ashurbanipal. King of the world, king of Assyria" in the BP exhibition.

New research into tweedRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

Next year I am going to start a "Master of Research" degree, looking at what constitutes Shetland tweed and how to take this important cultural craft into the future.

London's Horniman MuseumRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

On a hill overlooking London stands the Horniman Museum, a unique and wonderful treasure which is well worth a visit.

FlannelRead MoreDecember 8, 2018

Here is an interesting story about flannel in the USA.

What's on Alvin?Read MoreDecember 8, 2018


We have been weaving fabric for the summer this month. Here is what is on Alvin at the moment.

Looking for information about Shetland's tweedsRead MoreDecember 8, 2018

2019 is going to be An Exciting Year! There are the usual goings-on at the studio, but also music, and fashion, and the next stage of the tweed research project.

Christmas greetings 2018Read MoreDecember 5, 2018

I know it is early but Merry Christmas everyone!

The Art of ScienceRead MoreDecember 1, 2018

Have you ever seen embroidery and quilting used as a teaching aid for astronomy?

Craft residencies... in Newfoundland and Labrador!Read MoreDecember 1, 2018

Joanne B Kaar, who you may remember makes artists cabinets of curiosity amongst other art, sent in this link to some craft residencies. What a fantastic opportunity to do some exploring.

Shetland's NovemberRead MoreDecember 1, 2018


Shetland in November sounds cold. Maybe, but it is also almost impossibly beautiful...