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Haptic and HueRead MoreMay 7, 2021

If you like textiles then have a look at this website.

Article of the Week - number fifty-nine - A Feltex RugRead MoreMay 7, 2021


Each week something from the collection is highlighted in the blog. This time it is a Feltex rug from New Zealand.

Discovering Textiles - The Chinese Collections in the Field MuseumRead MoreMay 7, 2021

Chicago's Field Museum has many fascinating artefacts including an extensive Chinese Textile collection.

Shetland Tweed Research - What is Shetland Tweed?Read MoreMay 7, 2021

The recently completed Master of Research degree is summarised weekly on the blog.

Archie Brennan at Dovecot StudiosRead MoreMay 1, 2021

Edinburgh's Dovecot Studios is currently hosting the long-awaited Archie Brennan exhibition.

Shetland tweed research - context continuedRead MoreMay 1, 2021


Shetland has long had a problem with its marketing of textiles...

ShetlandRead MoreMay 1, 2021


After more than a year of living in London we are back in Shetland.

Article of the Week - number fifty-eight - A carpet from the Natural History MuseumRead MoreMay 1, 2021


Each week one article is chosen from the studio collection to feature on the blog. This week it is a length of carpet, but not just any carpet...

Discovering Textiles - the National Dress of BhutanRead MoreMay 1, 2021


For more than 400 years the nation of Bhutan has celebrated its identity through its dress.

Music and textiles - an enduring linkRead MoreApril 24, 2021

Music and textiles have much in common.