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Article of the Week - number tenRead MoreApril 11, 2020

Each week an item from the collection is highlighted on the blog. This week it is the turn of a vest made of bamboo.

Bisa ButlerRead MoreApril 11, 2020


Bisa Butler is an African-American textile artist who makes wonderfully evocative and joyful portraits.

Opera onlineRead MoreApril 11, 2020

These days we are all fast-becoming experts in the use of the internet for entertainment and there is more and more available online.

Shetland tweed connectionsRead MoreApril 11, 2020


As regular readers of the blog will know, I am currently researching Shetland's tweed heritage and history. This week a new link has joined the chain: one with unexpected yet familiar connections.

An Easter tradition Read MoreApril 11, 2020

Back in the 19th Century, a tradition started after Easter Sunday church services in New York: the Easter Parade.

Article of the week - Number NineRead MoreApril 4, 2020


Each week an article from the collection in the studio is featured on the blog. This week, Lara Carter's Rose.

The Silk Mill, DerbyRead MoreApril 4, 2020

The first fully mechanised factory in the world was a silk mill in Derby. Now we can tour the spaces in the building virtually!

Cute!Read MoreApril 4, 2020


A few happy pictures of a new arrival, Laurie, warm and snug in Shetland Tweed.

Patterns from NatureRead MoreApril 3, 2020


Science meets art in a beautiful book: Art-Studies from Nature, as Applied to Design.

A requestRead MoreApril 3, 2020

Over the next few months we are planning some changes and you may be able to help.