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Discovering Textiles - An Iranian traditional textile villageRead MoreJuly 24, 2021

Iran's traditions of textile making include weaving.

Article of the week - number seventy - a length of Heals fabric Read MoreJuly 24, 2021


This week's article from the collection is a length of fabric from Diane Bell for Heals

The Creative Wellbeing FestivalRead MoreJuly 24, 2021

The Creative Wellbeing Festival has started.

Fiberchats on YouTubeRead MoreJuly 24, 2021

A YouTube channel for those who like the fibre arts has videos with some Shetland creatives.

Dada, dance and designRead MoreJuly 24, 2021


Sophie Taeuber-Arp was a trained artist and textile designer, a wood-turner and sculptor, a teacher and a dancer. An exhibition at Tate Modern (you can see the details here) of the artist's work has just opened. In the show are numerous examples of the drawings, design plans and artefacts that Soph...

Article of the Week - number sixty-nine - 60 Feet RoadRead MoreJuly 17, 2021


Each week one item from the collection is chosen to explore in the blog. This time it is a photograph of 60 Feet Road.

Hull TradersRead MoreJuly 17, 2021


Hull Traders was formed in 1957 and in 1958 screen-printed textiles became its main focus.

Discovering Textiles - Textiles in Burman CultureRead MoreJuly 17, 2021

Textiles in Burma have huge cultural significance.

Crafts Council residency opportunityRead MoreJuly 17, 2021

The Crafts Council has an exciting opportunity...

Richard TuttleRead MoreJuly 16, 2021


Richard Tuttle, the American artist, used the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in 2014 to explore textiles.