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Article of the Week number thirty - Borneo beadworkRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


Each week a piece from the collection in the studio is selected for the blog. This week it is a beadwork piece from Borneo with an intriguing use.

KolamRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


Kolam is the Asian art and craft of making patterns out of ground rice to greet the start of each day.

Kimonos at the Victoria and AlbertRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


Finally, we have managed to get to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Kimono exhibition.

Studio goings-onRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020

There has not been an update for a little while. Here is what is going on...

Article of the Week number twenty nine - a Clothkits kitRead MoreAugust 29, 2020


Each week an article from the studio collection is showcased. This time it is a Clothkits kit.

Documenting Native American lifeRead MoreAugust 29, 2020


The photographs of Edward Sheriff Curtis are well-known for their beauty and sensitivity, and as a record of cultures that were feared to be disappearing.

Sectarian Armour by John KindnessRead MoreAugust 29, 2020

London's Imperial War Museum houses an impressive art collection including this: armour that highlights the divisions in Northern Ireland.

Gawthorpe Textiles CollectionRead MoreAugust 29, 2020

Gawthorpe Textiles Collection is looking for stories about textiles making... quickly!

Article of the Week number twenty eight - a Dilana rug and a runner. Read MoreAugust 22, 2020


Each week, an item (or two) is selected for inclusion in the blog. This time, a Dilana rug and runner.

The embroidered bed sheetRead MoreAugust 22, 2020


The Imperial War Museum might seem an unlikely place for a textile, but...