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A 19th Century waulk millRead MoreMay 2, 2020

For those of us with a romantic bent, ruins hold particular fascination. So how about those from the 19th Century?

Ghostly flowersRead MoreMay 2, 2020

These ethereal and mesmerising flowers are real: poppies.

Philip Miller's Influenza 1918Read MoreMay 2, 2020

The Influenza epidemic of the early years of the 20th Century prompted a song which has been rearranged for our times.

QuiltsRead MoreApril 25, 2020

If you are spending your time making quilts how about entering a virtual quilt competition?

Article of the Week - number twelveRead MoreApril 25, 2020


Every week a different piece from the studio collection is featured. This week it is a small piece of silver threadwork.

Mending inspirationRead MoreApril 25, 2020

A friend-of-the-blog has sent in a link to Kate Davies' page about darning and mending.

Nature Teaching on the BlackboardRead MoreApril 25, 2020


Those of us of a certain age will remember the days of blackboards, chalks and dusters in school...

Of stag beetles and giraffesRead MoreApril 24, 2020

Walking around London presents some interesting and unusual sights.

Your very own Zandra Rhodes.Read MoreApril 18, 2020

The Fashion and Textile Museum has come up with something to keep kids of all ages amused. Zandra Rhodes puppets to colour in!

Article of the Week - number elevenRead MoreApril 18, 2020


Each week an item from the collection in the studio is featured. This time it is a piece of South African history.