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The old sewing machineRead MoreSeptember 26, 2020


Don't you love an object that tells a story?

A little slice of treeRead MoreSeptember 19, 2020


Rob Kesseler's work explores the hidden world revealed under a microscope.

Article of the Week number thirty-two - a sweatshirtRead MoreSeptember 19, 2020


Each week, one item from the studio collection is selected for the blog. This time it is a sweatshirt from the 1980s

Tower BridgeRead MoreSeptember 19, 2020


Tower Bridge, the iconic symbol of London, is open for visitors.

Sonia AnicetoRead MoreSeptember 12, 2020

Sonia Aniceto uses paint and embroidery to create unusual and unsettling works of art.

Article of the Week number thirty-one - Bekasam ChapanRead MoreSeptember 12, 2020


Each week, an article from the collection in the studio is chosen for the blog. This week it is a robe from Uzbekistan.

Australia, Britannia and a trade union bannerRead MoreSeptember 12, 2020

London is full of museums with amazing collections.

Looking for Camilla EamesRead MoreSeptember 12, 2020

In the 1970's, Camilla Eames hand-knitted a jumper in Orkney.

Knitting... in a nutshellRead MoreSeptember 12, 2020

Knitting over the last century has developed from a home craft to Big Business.

A tapestry thread caddyRead MoreSeptember 5, 2020


New Zealand's Banks Peninsula is home to the Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum.