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Captain Cook and the tapa cloth bookRead MoreAugust 7, 2021

Captain Cook's voyages to the South Seas contributed to the world's textile knowledge.

Article of the week - number seventy-nine - A book by Peter CollingwoodRead MoreAugust 7, 2021


This week's item to highlight in the blog is a book for the library about rug weaving by Peter Collingwood.

The Liberian Olympic teamRead MoreAugust 7, 2021

If you have been watching the Olympics you may have noticed the outfits the Liberian team is wearing.

Discovering Textiles - paintings and textilesRead MoreAugust 7, 2021


The discovery of ancient textiles is often difficult because they are disposable or prone to rot.

Knitted glassRead MoreJuly 31, 2021


Carol Milne is a glass sculptor.

Article of the Week - number seventy-one - a pirnRead MoreJuly 31, 2021


This week's item from the collection is a weaving pirn with a story.

Discovering Textiles - Jean-Henri FabreRead MoreJuly 31, 2021

Jean-Henri Fabre was an "entomological philosopher", a poet and a scientist who held patents for a textile dye.

Can plant silk replace plastic?Read MoreJuly 31, 2021

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have created a possible replacement for plastic.

A new cloth from The Shetland Tweed CompanyRead MoreJuly 31, 2021


The loom in Shetland has been warped up for the next cloth from The Shetland Tweed Company.

Fragments of poetryRead MoreJuly 31, 2021

Embroidery has the power to evoke memory in Hoa Dung's work.