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Article of the Week - number twenty three - a kimono design Read MoreJuly 18, 2020


Each week an object from the collection is featured on the blog. This week it is a painting of a kimono.

Cyrene Mission in LondonRead MoreJuly 18, 2020


This week an important exhibition opened in London. The works were last seen in the UK seventy years ago.

Ochre find in MexicoRead MoreJuly 18, 2020

A recent discovery in the underwater caves in Mexico has revealed that people were mining ochre 10,000 years ago.

GUMRead MoreJuly 18, 2020

Shopping in department stores is familiar to us, but in Russia it was once State-controlled.

Alexandra Sipa's electrifying outfits Read MoreJuly 18, 2020


Here is a designer who makes outfits which can truly be called "The Shock of the New"!

Article of the Week - number twenty two - Tutankhamun Rya rug Read MoreJuly 11, 2020


Each week a piece from the studio collection is selected for the blog. This time it is a (possible) Rya rug of Tutankhamun..

The National Gallery opensRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

This week we have been fortunate enough to go The National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square. Here is what going to a gallery is like nowadays.

Embroidering Hong Kong's neon signsRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

The neon signs in Hong Kong are disappearing but for one art student they are proving to be inspirational.

Life storiesRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

Sometimes clothing tells personal stories... literally.

Decolonising collectionsRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

Something very interesting is happening in museums, galleries and collections world-wide, and it has implications for the ways we view and talk about the world.