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Tiger sharks and languageRead MoreMay 12, 2018

Over in Australia, on the romantically named Gulf of Carpentaria in the North, the Yanyuwa people have an extraordinary relationship with tiger sharks.

Arts on prescriptionRead MoreMay 12, 2018

Dr Daisy Fancourt in a video on the BBC news website is calling for the arts to be available on prescription.

Do you want to continue to receive the blog?Read MoreMay 12, 2018

If you have subscribed to lots of different streams, like I have, in order to learn new things then you will know that the law is changing to increase protection and privacy online.

Thank you Read MoreMay 12, 2018

A Very Big Thank You to you in Readerland who sent thoughts on the odd happenings on the blog last week.

An AVL loom for saleRead MoreApril 28, 2018

Do you need, or know anyone who is looking for, an AVL loom?

Asafo flagsRead MoreApril 28, 2018

Here is an interesting piece about Asafo flags from what is now Ghana.

More sleuthing...Read MoreApril 28, 2018


In the second instalment of The Textile Detective, we have been sent a picture of this piece from Finland.

New book for the library - Russian costumeRead MoreApril 28, 2018


A new book has arrived for the library: Russian costume, from 1974.

The Textile DetectiveRead MoreApril 28, 2018


An ever-attentive reader and corresponder-in-chief has suggested a new topic for the blog - The Textile Detective!

Clothing and natureRead MoreApril 21, 2018

This week, the Prime Minister of New Zealand met the Queen. What does this have in common with the V&A Museum?