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Shetland's tweeds - a new research projectRead MoreJanuary 19, 2019


Shetland's tweeds are a small part of the islands' history today but in the past these cloths were much more important.

A belated Happy New Year!Read MoreJanuary 19, 2019

A very happy 2019 to all our readers out in blogland.

A Christmas BreakRead MoreDecember 22, 2018

It is time to have a short break from the blog.

Anni AlbersRead MoreDecember 22, 2018


As you will know, there is an exhibition of Anni Albers' textiles, drawings and concepts at Tate Modern.

The Botanic Gardens of WalesRead MoreDecember 22, 2018


This year we are in Wales for the festive season and paid a visit to the Botanic Gardens of Wales, just outside Swansea.

I am AshurbanipalRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

The British Museum is showing "I am Ashurbanipal. King of the world, king of Assyria" in the BP exhibition.

New research into tweedRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

Next year I am going to start a "Master of Research" degree, looking at what constitutes Shetland tweed and how to take this important cultural craft into the future.

London's Horniman MuseumRead MoreDecember 15, 2018

On a hill overlooking London stands the Horniman Museum, a unique and wonderful treasure which is well worth a visit.

FlannelRead MoreDecember 8, 2018

Here is an interesting story about flannel in the USA.

What's on Alvin?Read MoreDecember 8, 2018


We have been weaving fabric for the summer this month. Here is what is on Alvin at the moment.