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Sokari Douglas Camp CBERead MoreJune 6, 2020


Sokari Douglas Camp lives in London where she makes sculpture from, amongst other things, oil cans.

Maxhosa AfricaRead MoreJune 6, 2020

Laduma Ngxokolo from South Africa started his company, Maxhosa Africa, in 2012 because he wanted to create a knitwear collection for Xhosa initiates.

Sanford BiggersRead MoreJune 6, 2020

Sanford Biggers is an American artist who uses quilts for his work.

Decolonising MuseumsRead MoreJune 6, 2020

Across the world, museums and collections are looking at their collections from a fresh perspective.

Black Artists + Designers GuildRead MoreJune 6, 2020

Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) was founded in 2018, one of a new wave of organisations.

This week's blogRead MoreJune 6, 2020

On a walk through our local park this week, one of several walks we do each day, we saw the start of what turned out to be the protest march against racism.

Article of the Week - number seventeenRead MoreMay 30, 2020


Each week something from the studio collection is selected to showcase. This week it is a piece by local Shetland artist, Diane Garrick.

Yto BarradaRead MoreMay 30, 2020


Yto Barrada is a Moroccan artist who works with film, sculpture, installation and film.

Tudor TextilesRead MoreMay 30, 2020


The Tudors loved textiles for decoration and ceremony. Here is a book that celebrates that appreciation.

We Are One film festivalRead MoreMay 30, 2020

There will be plenty to watch this week on YouTube...