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Saving the planet the algal wayRead MoreNovember 9, 2019

Nowadays we are all conscious of the depletion of our planet's resources and with it the decline of the natural world. So how about a raincoat made out of algae?

A link between music and textilesRead MoreNovember 9, 2019


In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Everest, the former sporting a jumper from Adies of Voe.

Kiki Smith in OxfordRead MoreNovember 2, 2019

The artist Kiki Smith is showing work in Oxford.

The barbed wire and fence post loomRead MoreNovember 2, 2019

During the Second World War, Jewish refugees were interned in Jamaica.

The arrival of tweed in the islandsRead MoreNovember 2, 2019

The research on Shetland tweed continues to surprise and delight...

English Costume of the 17th CenturyRead MoreNovember 2, 2019


The delights of opening an old volume to discover the treasures within cannot be quantified, can they?

Medieval Tiles... in fabric!Read MoreOctober 26, 2019


There is a new artwork in the studio. Medieval Tiles is by textile artist Margaret Talbot.

Eddy Kamuanga IlungaRead MoreOctober 26, 2019


Kinshasa-born Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga uses textiles as identifiers for his paintings which comment on the history of people and objects.

The Elegant ManRead MoreOctober 26, 2019

Fashion has never been just for women.

A trip to LondonRead MoreOctober 26, 2019


A short week in London is always good for inspiration and ideas...