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Anni AlbersRead MoreSeptember 29, 2018

A much-anticipated exhibition is about to open at Tate Modern in London: Anni Albers.

The music of mathematicsRead MoreSeptember 29, 2018

Mathematics presents a fascinating link between music and weaving. After all, both weave and music are about creating and putting patterns together in pleasing combinations.

Shetland Wool Week 2018Read MoreSeptember 29, 2018


Another Shetland Wool Week has come to an end. What a busy and fulfilling week it has been.

Weaving hatsRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Also on the BBC is an enchanting short film about the weaving of hats from pandanus on one of the Pacific islands: Rurutu.

CivilisationsRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Over on BBC, the series Civilisations is on iPlayer. We are thoroughly enjoying watching it.

New books for the libraryRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Sometimes, just sometimes, a walk into one of our local second-hand shops comes up trumps. We have some new books in the library thanks to just such happenstance.

Wool Week is hereRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018

Wool Week is here and Shetland is filling up with enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Carpets but not as we know themRead MoreSeptember 22, 2018


Check out these magic carpets from artist Ann Carrington.

Fair Isle and AndalusiaRead MoreSeptember 15, 2018

The Shetland Museum windows are home to two woven banners which come with intriguing backgrounds.

A mushroom bagRead MoreSeptember 15, 2018


No, not a bag FOR mushrooms. THIS is a bag made FROM mushrooms.