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Embroidering Hong Kong's neon signsRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

The neon signs in Hong Kong are disappearing but for one art student they are proving to be inspirational.

Life storiesRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

Sometimes clothing tells personal stories... literally.

Decolonising collectionsRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

Something very interesting is happening in museums, galleries and collections world-wide, and it has implications for the ways we view and talk about the world.

How knitting became coolRead MoreJuly 11, 2020

Knitting has a reputation, and in the 21st Century it is blossoming!

Wraps from The Shetland Tweed CompanyRead MoreJuly 4, 2020


The Shetland Tweed Company cloth is woven in the studio in Yell. Now there are wraps made from the fabric available.

Costume at the National TheatreRead MoreJuly 4, 2020

At the moment, even though the building is closed, we can still view part of the Costume exhibition at the National Theatre.

Article of the Week - number twenty oneRead MoreJuly 4, 2020


Each week an item (or two) is featured on the blog. This week it is African fabrics.

Cubism and FashionRead MoreJuly 4, 2020


Did you know that the art movement, Cubism, has had a big influence on fashion too?

What's on the loom?Read MoreJune 27, 2020


Here is another version of the cloth that Alexa is weaving in the studio.

Christchurch and Upton ChapelRead MoreJune 27, 2020


The middle of the 20th Century was a time of exciting developments in design and that included the use of concrete!