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Ideas for new fabricsRead MoreMarch 2, 2019


For Christmas this year I got a lovely gift: a set of oil paints, brushes, knife and a palette...

Wanderer - how yoghurt travelsRead MoreMarch 2, 2019

Across the world, people eat yoghurt and soured milk products. And there are some novel ways of carrying their starter cultures from place to place.

Dorothea Tanning at Tate ModernRead MoreMarch 2, 2019

An exhibition dedicated to Surrealist artist, Dorothea Tanning, opened at Tate Modern in London this week.

Nora Fok Read MoreFebruary 23, 2019


A friend-of-the-blog has sent in a link for an article on thisiscolossal.com which has had us enthralled.

The Joan Project and The Shetland Tweed CompanyRead MoreFebruary 23, 2019


Two exciting things have happened this week...

The Britain-Zimbabwe Society - a Research DayRead MoreFebruary 23, 2019

On the 15th June this year, the Britain-Zimbabwe Society will be holding a Research Day focused on Creativity and Innovation in Zimbabwean Arts and Science.

A strange link between Shetland and WalesRead MoreFebruary 23, 2019

In the tweed research project many interesting and unusual links are cropping up.

Symbols of home - the milaya bedsheets of South SudanRead MoreFebruary 23, 2019

The South Sudanese Civil War has been ongoing for more than five years. In that time, more than a million people have fled the fighting to Uganda, many carrying their belongings in their bedsheets which are known as milaya.

New books for the library Read MoreFebruary 16, 2019

We have some new books for the library: Conquest and Overlord, Embroidery, Silk-Screen Production Process and Michael O'Connell.

A Sandison's blanketRead MoreFebruary 16, 2019


A new piece of Shetland's weave history has been added to the collection in Sellafirth: a blanket from Sandisons.