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Studio updateRead MoreApril 30, 2022

There are some new developments at the studio

The Peat Project in ShetlandRead MoreApril 30, 2022


Peat is an important resource and a sequester of carbon.

A loom?Read MoreApril 30, 2022

I am looking for a loom...

The West Coast around GreymouthRead MoreApril 30, 2022

Our new home on the West Coast is filled with delight and wonder.

Map AcademyRead MoreApril 24, 2022

There is a new resource to explore the Indian subcontinent's art treasures and culture and it is available worldwide.

GlowwormsRead MoreApril 23, 2022

The larvae of the fungus gnat are unexpectedly beautiful and enchanting.

Shetland College 3rd Year showRead MoreApril 23, 2022


It is Degree Show time of year again in Shetland.

A knitted natural history Read MoreApril 23, 2022

Exploring natural history through knitting. Now THERE is an idea!

New Zealand's wool industryRead MoreApril 14, 2022


New Zealand's wool industry has had its ups and downs, as a fascinating book explains.

Reclaim the VoidRead MoreApril 14, 2022

Over in Western Australia a project is underway to heal the mined landscape with textiles.