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Published: 07 November 2020

By Andy Ross

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Algorithms to the rescue... perhaps.

Zozo is a Japanese company that has been employing technology to size customers accurately.

A few years ago the company announced the release of the Zozosuit, an allover body-hugging garment that had 400 measuring points. By downloading an app to film a wearer with a smartphone, the company attempted to produce an accurate map of the figure, allowing people to buy garments of the correct size. That attempt failed (here is one reason why) but now Zozo has announced the second version of the suit. This time it has 50 times more markers and promises a better user experience with much more accurate results from the algorithms that collate the gathered data. 

It may work this time but just to remind you of what clothes shopping used to be like, have a look - and probably a chuckle - at this set of clips. The times have definitely changed, haven't they?