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Published: 16 September 2017

By Andy Ross

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I have been reading a fascinating book, all about nothing. 

The book is a comprehensive history of how the numeral '0' came into being and into our mathematics. It is a little hard to imagine a world where zero did not exist because that little 'non-entity' is so vital to us nowadays, from the binary system that drives our modern digital world to its use in science and maths. We rely on it in the studio because our looms are computer controlled, and computers would not exist without the concept of zero. 

Now, by sheer coincidence, an ancient Indian manuscript has been identified to have the earliest known use of the number 0. The manuscript dates from the 2rd or 4th Century and uses a dot which subsequently evolved to become what we know as 'nought'. YOu can read more about the manuscript on the BBC news website here, and once I have finished the book, I will post more interesting facts about..., well, nothing!