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Published: 25 January 2020

By Andy Ross

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Zandra Rhodes

In December I met Zandra Rhodes...

The Fashion and Textile Museum in London's Bermondsey was founded in 2003 by Dame Zandra so a visit ito see 50 years of her work on display there was essential. I went in October and loved the show. A few weeks after coming back from London an email popped into my inbox and I saw there was a chance to get to a walk-about of the show with Zandra herself. Of course, it being in December when I was down anyway, I had to book...

The day of the event dawned and I left home early, walking the route to the museum from home in a London drizzle. Far too early to go in so coffee nearby, knowing it was definitely the right day because of the range of fashionably dressed women coming in out of the rain. Then it was into the museum with nineteen others.

What a lovely event! Dame Zandra and the Head of Exhibitions, Dennis Nothdruft, took us around the exhibition, chatting about the garments and their history, interspersed with stories and tales of Zandra's incredible career. The morning ended with book-signing and we now have a book in the library at the studio which you are welcome to have a look at. Everyone was welcoming and warm, and it was a very good way to spend a happy few hours. 

I got to give Dame Zandra a copy of the Shetland Tweed book and have received a lovely postcard back, thanking me and saying how much she would like to visit Shetland. Wouldn't that be fabulous! 

Although the exhibition is finished, there are plenty of pictures online of the work of this wonderful designer. I shall remember meeting Dame Zandra Rhodes for the rest of my life.