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Published: 10 February 2018

By Andy Ross

To Young Weavers

In 1927 a small book was published which deserves much wider reading by anyone interested in weaving, textiles and art. 

I have just been given a copy of the book and it is beautiful as an object. The print is clear with small pictures and borders in beautiful colours which show wit and whimsy in equal measure. But the text is just as good, and useful. The book is a published copy of a speech, given by James Morton of Morton Sundour Fabrics Ltd, to young people in Lancashire about the usefulness, utility and beauty of the craft and art of weaving. (As an aside, James Morton founded Edinburgh Weavers to experiment and trial different textiles.) Because it is such a lovely book I have photographed each page or page spread and compiled it into a flipbook. Please accept my apologies for the blurriness of parts of some of the pages but the book has not been opened much, if at all, and so I dare not lay it flat for fear of breaking the spine. 

If anyone needs help with the text please email and I will do my best to reply. I am away however for ten days in Bangkok so any help will have to come your way once I am back. 

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. What a lovely gift it is.