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Published: 03 December 2022

By Andy Ross

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Christmas break

It is now a year since we left the UK, Shetland and London, for our new home on the other side of the world. 

Readers may remember that we spent two months in Athens before heading over to the West Coast of Aotearoa. In that year we have met lots of new people, made many new-to-us discoveries, found employment, explored and enjoyed our new home. Over the next few months we are going to be doing some Exciting Things - building a small studio for me to work in in starting this coming week, and we are now looking at the next stage of our wool project: establishing a weave studio here on the Coast too. It has been exhilirating, scary, sad, happy and wonderful in equal measure and now, as we head into the Christmas season it is time to say thank you to the loyal readers who have stayed with us on this journey. I will write one more blog next week before stopping for the season.