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Published: 22 February 2014

By Andy Ross

Writing the blog...

Writing a blog is an interesting experience. Here are some of the things that I have learned so far.

Win some, lose some.

On our blog, people can sign up or leave at any time. It took some getting used to! In the beginning I took it very personally when people unsubscribed but now I realise that it is simply good to have some turnover. If you are writing a blog, celebrate your new subscribers and try to thank anyone who unsubscribes for having received your news.

No news is not good news

A blog is for life not just a whim. Once you have some subscribers, you need to keep them entertained and up to date. They want to hear from you, otherwise they would not have subscribed. Your blog must be updated at the times you say it will.

No broadband? Panic!

Not really. People are very forgiving and understanding. A few years ago I went on holiday and could not put updates on the blog because there was no signal. That and the fact that I was on holiday! When I got back, there were messages from people saying "What happened?" I explained the situation and made up for it with some photographs of where we had been and a very newsy blog that week. Keep people informed about what is happening with your blog. We all like to know what is happening.

Write about what you know.

The blog that I write combines my interests in art with the two aims of the charity I run, music and textiles. While this means that sometimes subscribers get news that they are not interested in, it also means that the news is fresh and interesting. Keep your blog interesting and on topic.

Subscribers are important!

Without subscribers, our blog would not exist. It is a ongoing chats that I have with people who subscribe, the links they send in, the news we exchange and the ideas that happen because we know each other through the internet that keep me writing each week. Value your subscribers and say "thank you" when they send through something you can use on your blog.

It pays to be polite. 

The internet is a place of mystery and wonder and there is always something new to discover in cyberspace. When I find something that I want to share, I send an email to the website or the person who posted the item and ask them if I can use it on the blog. I try to mention where I found the link and to say "thanks" somewhere in the entry. The web is for sharing - help us all by asking and acknowledging.

Enjoy writing your blog and let us know how you get on!