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Published: 09 October 2021

By Andy Ross

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Regnum Dei by Daniella Sasvári and Aaron La Roche. 2019

WOW, World of Wearable Art, is a showcase where fashion and art combine to breathtaking effect. 

This year the show has been extended into 2022 so that finalists to the competition can show their garments on stage. Due to the Covid restrictions currently in force in the country the show was cancelled earlier this year. To get a taste of what we may be missing watch the video below, celebrating ten years of the show.

WOW started in 1987 and was begun by Dame Suzie Moncrieff. (If the last name seems familiar to those of you who have Shetland connections, it is because Dame Suzie has Shetland ancestry on her mother's side.) This incredible event attracts thousands of people to New Zealand each year and attracts entries from more than 40 countries. Truly a spectacle not to be missed. 

(Photograph: WOW - World of WearableArt. Wellington, NZ. 25 September 2019. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court.)