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Published: 22 July 2017

By Andy Ross

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Of workshops and students

This week we have had two students working with us, and we held a weekend of workshopping. 

Simone has been with us from Switzerland for three weeks and is on his final week now. He has been working on a design for a throw, based on the colours of Shetland in the summer, and we are very pleased to see what a good job he has done. We cannot tell you or show you what Simone has produced yet but we think you will like it!

Gabriele has just arrived, also from Switzerland, and is also working on a design for us, this time based on a Shetland traditional textile. It has been very interesting working with the two students, and we are looking forward to finished cloths soon.

This weekend has also seen four would-be weavers working away in the studio. Today, Saturday, we reverse-engineered a warped loom so that we could see how the warp works when it is on, and the path that a thread takes on its way from the back to the front of the machine. It has been an exciting day; it always is when people get bitten by the bug! We are looking forward to tomorrow and making new warps. There will be more workshops throughout the year. News on those coming shortly.