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Published: 24 September 2016

By Andy Ross

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Wool Week is here.

For the past few weeks everyone has been buzzing and busy with preparations for Wool Week 2016. The Big Day has finally arrived.

From its very beginnings - the idea came from Curtis Mills who own the Wool Brokers in Lerwick who wanted to celebrate Shetland wool and its unique qualities - Wool Week in the islands has grown and grown. Now an international event with a strong local flavour, Wool Week focuses in the main on knitting but other textile crafts and, indeed, other crafts, get a look-in too. We are particularly excited by the weaving, of course, and we have open studios throughout Wool Week, and workshops. I shall be giving a talk in Lerwick on Shetland Tweeds on Wednesday night too. Yes, I think Lerwick will be a busy place this week. Everyone who is here for it, enjoy Wool Week 2016, and thanks to the team at Promote Shetland who organise it all now.