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Published: 26 September 2015

By Andy Ross

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Wool Week 2015

It is finally here. Shetland's celebration of all things woolly has arrived!

The islands' celebration of sheep and wool starts this weekend and, along with many others, we are running workshops. Kirsty is running three workshops exploring weaving including one on double-cloth, the fascinating technique that allows the weaver to make layers of cloth which intersect for complex patterning, or to construct tubes and cones and hollows in the fabric. Our very own woven whirlpool is also on display where you can see what this technique of double cloth can lead to. Beware! Double cloth is Highly Addictive. 

Next door, The Shetland Gallery is playing host to Amy Gair's degree show pieces alongside the art that the Gallery shows. Well worth a look, Amy has designed cloth and clothes using Shetland wool amongst other yarns, and they look great in the space. 

Across Shetland, everyone it seems is doing something for Wool Week. Knitting classes, weaving sessions, spinning, exhibitions... It is going to be a great event this year. Happy Wool Week everyone!