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Published: 11 October 2013

By Andy Ross

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Woolly Week

It has been Wool Week up here in Shetland. What a lot of fun!

Each year, in October, we celebrate the miraculous fibres that made the islands famous around the world. Wool is all around us, on the hills on the backs of sheep and caught in the fences. I think that it is safe to say that, because we are surrounded by sheep, wool infuses our days and, even when we sleep, the sound of sheep calling in the summer acts as a backdrop to our dreams.

This year, Deborah Gray came up to Shetland to stay and work, teaching us to spin and create imaginative art yarns. It has been a super few days, sharing ideas and enthusiasm, and we are very grateful to Deborah (who writes her own blog - http://perfectweatherforspinningandknitting.blogspot.co.uk/) for coming up to Shetland and teaching us all. I loved learning what happens when you spin wool into yarns and seeing the magic that happens as you wash it once it has been spun and plied.

There have been lots of other things happening wool-wise around the isles. There has been a knitted wedding dress in Ninian's in Lerwick - I shall find pictures to post, and workshops in the Wool Brokers. The Shetland Museum has been hectic as has the Textile Museum. Wool Week grows every year. Come and visit us next year and enjoy our celebration.