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Published: 08 April 2017

By Andy Ross

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The Woman in Blue

A reconstruction of a 10th Century Icelandic dress has been sent in to us, and has had us in awe of the workmanship and ingenuity of both the original and the new version. 

A friend in the States (thank you, Kelli!) sent us a link to this website all about the project which created a hypothetical version of a dress found in a grave, the remnants of which were part of an exhibition in 2015 in Reykjavik.. I shan't spoil the surprises and the excitement of discovering for yourselves so follow that link and find out how the fabric was made and the dress constructed. 

I love the simple design of the dress itself. It looks like it stepped straight out of the 1960's and, even though it is not a copy of an existing garment, this shape seems to be an obvious choice because of the lack of waste and simplicity of construction. 

But even more, don't you love the fact that people are so passionate and dedicated that they are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that historical accuracy is...well, accurate. Love it!