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Published: 08 October 2016

By Andy Ross

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What is going on over the winter

I know that it is October and that we are in the autumn. But we are hatching plans now for summer next year, for Wool Week 2017, and for 2018! Time doesn't stand still after all...

Before we know it Christmas will have been and gone but we have plenty to be getting on with. There is weaving to do so that we have a stock of cloth for the summer season. The Shetland Tweed Company cloths are halfway to being finished now, and then it is time to do some more limited edition blankets and throws for orders. 

The tweed research is ongoing. We are planning to invite all the interviewees to a lunch at the studio in the Spring so that we can show them all what we are doing and speak about their experiences of weaving. And then there is the publication to do. And more visits to make...

We have also started looking for more funding to support weavers through residencies and this is going to take a while. But it is exciting to be in the position when we can see that residencies will be on offer again.

And this week the V&A Dundee came to visit us for a chat. So we may have something to do for them too. Early days but...

Then we have designing to do. And things to make from Shetland tweed. Kirsty is planning her workshops for next year, and there is a series of learning to weave workshops in the early part of the year which I am running through Adult Learning. 

But before all of that there is the last textile tour of the season to run. Next week I shall be taking five around the sights of the islands. Although a lot of the places we visit are now closed up for the season there are other things to do to take their place. The October tour is a favourite because it is more relaxed so here's hoping the weather stays good and that we can get out and about. 

GlobalYell, as you know, is a music and textiles charity and next year I shall be doing Dinosaurs! with Primary Schools across Shetland. If you are interested in taking part, send me an email and I will be delighted to come to your school. I cannot wait to see the kids all dressed up as those critters from the long distant past. 

Just a forewarning that I shall be away from the last week of October until the end of November. We are off to New Zealand to visit our property, the former Gospel Hall in the South Island town of Greymouth. It has been a fantastically busy year so far, and a very hectic summer so this is a welcome break. We shall come back refreshed and ready to crack on with all things that we want to do.  

Onwards, as they say, and upwards!