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Published: 09 September 2022

By Andy Ross

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William Kentridge at the Royal Academy of Arts

An installation view of tapestries woven at the Stephens Tapestry Studio. 

William Kentridge, the South African artist, is known for his large-scale and ambitious works.

Over the decades that the artist has worked, beginning with anti-apartheid work in the 1980s, tapestry, film and animation, drawing, sculpture, stage performance and music have all become a stock in trade. You can read more about the artist on the Royal Academy website here and about the exhibition that will begin on the 24th September here

For more information about William Kentridge and the extraordinary breadth of his practice and influence, head on over to this website where you can read about projects such as The Centre for the Less Good Idea and Wozzeck

Thank you to our contributor who sent this link.