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Published: 21 February 2015

By Andy Ross

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Whose culture is it?

Here is something to ponder. At New York's Fashion Week a dress has caused a stir because of its motifs.

The dress in question is one by a London company, KTZ which features motifs similar to those used by Bethany Yellowtail, a Native American fashion designer, in a dress from 2014. The pieces do look remarkably similar and has brought up the topic of cultural appropriation on social media. 

In fact, being inspired by traditions from around the world is what makes design so interesting. There are many different ways of doing things and as fashions change and we demand difference and new, interesting designs, industries to look to other cultures. Look at the rise of African fabrics in  fashion over the past few years. And perhaps the use of other cultures' images and motifs is just a representation of the pride that people are showing in their own culture? Let's just hope that that pride does not spill over into xenophobia and racism, and let's give credit where it is due. 

What do you think of the furore? Have you a view that you would like to share? Email us. 

Thanks to BBC News for the link.