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Published: 19 May 2018

By Andy Ross

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What's on the loom

We have been weaving cloth for an order; Basta Voe. 

You will have seen the Basta Voe cloth on the blog before (pic left), and we are very happy to have made 12 metres of it for an order for a local eatery. It is all rolled up ready to go to the finishers in the Borders of Scotland and will soon be appearing in situ when the venue opens in a few weeks. Thank you for the order, Hazel! I cannot wait to see what the cloth looks like hanging as curtains. 

After this order was completed we had a similar length of warp on so that we could do some more samples and weave some more cloth for cushions. The first length we did as a trial for a striped light fabric has been washed and is now hanging up in the studio laundry looking rather fetching, if I may be so bold... 

Now it is onto the last length which is going to be a darker cloth for use with a light fabric in our cushions. I sort of view this aspect of the weaving job as a reward. After having done all the hard work of actually weaving a length of cloth, which can be a repetitive task and sometimes frustrating, it is great to be able to play and do different designs to see what happens.